We love emotional photography, natural, spontaneous... We like to be unseen, paying attention to everything, so nothing is missed.
Süss means "sweet" in german, and so is how whe are. But there is always something else, something special in all this, adorable and tender. Love moves the world, makes us human and lasts it forever. This is why every wedding is a great responsibility for us.
We have a minimum pack where we cover the day of your wedding, and give them to you in a USB stick. Together with that, you can add all this:
  • Prewedding shooting. Highly recommended if you are shy or affraid of being in front of the camera (like a shock therapy, but for sure you will have fun!)


  • Post wedding shooting. Highly recommended if you cant to eat and eat during your cocktail and dinner, so you won't miss any moment of your big day.


  • Slideshow or Send day edit. Do you want to have a briefing of your wedding the same day? We can do it! If you want we can put it the same day of your wedding in a Slideshow. Everyone will love it.


  • Signature albums with Polaroid pictures. We offer the service of polaroid pictures signed by the guests and posted in a beautiful album. A really nice memory for the future.


  • Wedding album. Yes, we recommend to have the pictures in an album and not only digital, so you can live the full experience. Photography always gets more value when they are on paper. Even more if it's about our feelings. Everytime you open it, you will recall that important moment of your life.


  • Mini copy for your parents. We make small albums for your parents as well, so they can have those memories.


  • Video. We have colleagues that offer amazing video services, and we love to work with them, so if you also want video, don't hesitate to contact us, we will recommend you the bests professionals!


  • Photocall and design of invitations. Another service we offer if you like it. Ask for our prices!


Do you want to see the quality of our Album? Take a look to the following images
If you think that this is what you are looking for, we recommend you to ask for our prices in this form.
What else?
We also make pregnancy and family shootings (pets are inside this family pack), babys, newborn, events and also listen to other proposals that are related to our creativity.
We also offer communions and baptisims.
Get in contact with us to know about our prices and, is you want to give a memory to a friend or someone in your family, ask about our present cards.